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Thank you, Dr. V and the team of knowledgeable Health Coaches at Modern Holistic Health, for your mission and genuine dedication to offering a clear path to overcome barriers of healing and restoring good health. My symptoms which I had rated at an 8 are now zero! I am experiencing measurable results and enjoying an overall sense of well-being both physically and mentally.


It’s no coincidence that people are sicker than they have ever been, but you don’t have to be one of them anymore.

There are answers and there are solutions that work. It’s time for us to take back control of our own health.

I’m honored to be part of this life-changing series and…

Share my secrets to a life free of pain and inflammation.

Our thousands of case studies show the unseen causes that are affecting your mental health leading to a cascade of brain AND body diseases, conditions, and symptoms that include:

Your Transformation Can Start Today…
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And what if you had an opportunity to work with the best in the industry where you could get:

  • Month-by-month, step-by-step, details and support on what you need to do each month?
  • Added bi-weekly instruction and coaching in your turn-key healing program?
  • Access to Dr. V’s proven and clinically formulated supplements and protocols?
  • Access to lab testing that you can use to track your progress
  • Advanced assessment forms and symptom tracking sheets to track your progress

Well, I’ve got exactly what you are looking for!

Our 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Program has everything you are looking for so you can get answers AND solutions.

In our 12 Month Program you also get access to real case studies from our own clients all around the world, so you know this works… you simply need to follow the path we lay out for you.

Our entire holistic educational platform is driven through data, and this is the #1 way we prefer to help people (just like you) overcome some of their biggest health symptoms and challenges.

Symptoms like…

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This program that Dr. V has put together is really unique and reflects her rarely deep knowledge of body biochemistry and spiritual component of our health.

I have attended countless natural health virtual summits trying to put the pieces of solution to my health problems together. The speakers they feature are usually the most well-known natural health practitioners and advocates. However, Dr. V was the only presenter ever who showed that she has really tangible and evidence-based solutions to chronic health issues that plague humanity today. She did it by showing lab test results of her real clients before and after they went through her program. Those tests showed right away how a plethora of environmental toxins is the direct cause or contributor to our health problems. They also showed me how after using her protocol, Dr. V's clients' environmental toxin levels have dropped, and other lab health parameters improved. I think this was what showed me that Dr. V really knows what she is doing, rather than trying this or that and hoping that it would help.

I joined her program after attending Inflammation Mastrerclass where Dr. V and her team did an extensive presentation of their evidence-based approach and showed a testimonial of a girl who had the problem similar to mine.

In addition to that problem, I had other symptoms. I'm now almost exactly in the middle of the program (end of month six), and almost all of my symptoms were reduced, some by 60%. This is the first time I got so much progress. Before joining Dr. V's program , I've spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to fix myself, with zero effect.

This program gave me optimism and desire to keep looking for solutions, rather than give up. Basically it's like getting a second life.

I hope that my symptoms will disappear completely by the end of this program. But even the progress I've made by 6-month mark is beyond what I thought was possible.

I really recommend this program to everyone wishing to get (or even simple keep) their health. We live in such a toxic world that it's difficult to pass through life without getting chronic diseases. This program teaches how to avoid them. Thank you Dr. V and MHH team!



Dr. Elena Villanueva's

12 Month Brain/Body Restoration
Online Program

We are passionately committed to helping you achieve robust healing so that you can be free of your agonizing symptoms and live the vibrant, joyful life you deserve.

The Modern Holistic Health Academy’s 12-Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program empowers YOU to take control of your own healing by teaching you how to find the root causes and implement solutions that work.

With your 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program, you receive a FULL YEAR (that’s 12 months) of:

  • Monthly online materials to take you through your healing journey
  • Biweekly training and education
  • Coaching support
  • Dr. V’s proven protocols
  • An exclusive community of ambassadors who have completed their program and are available to support you.
  • Encouragement from our team of expert health coaches
  • Exclusive member’s only discounts on Dr. V’s clinically formulated supplement protocols
  • Exclusive member’s only discounts on lab testing so that you can track your progress
  • Advanced assessment forms to track your progress
  • Symptom tracking forms to track your progress
  • Expert guest speakers to teach you about topics relevant to your healing and health
  • You will get access to other useful protocols for common conditions like ear infections, yeast infections, colds, viral respiratory infections, and more
  • Expert bonus educational series on the use of essential oils as natural medicines
  • And so much more….

You have an opportunity to start NOW to get your health back, and you don’t have to do it alone! You can join the same program thousands of our clients around the world have done so that you too can heal and get your life back.

People around the world need and want help more than ever, and in a time when we are seeing prices go up on everything, we are doing what no one else is doing…

We are GIVING you this opportunity to finally get answers and solutions and start your healing journey right now at an incredible discount on this program… And this offer is only for you and the viewers of this docu-series.

Not only will you have this opportunity to enroll in our 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Program where you have access to 12 months of life-changing educational content, community support, exclusive discounts on your supplements and lab testing, and step-by-step instructions on your monthly protocols.

You will also get TWO live group coaching sessions each month.

In these live sessions, you will have the opportunity to join on private, members-only, live calls with the Modern Holistic Health team so that you can have that added support as you go through your personalized healing program that is laid out for you month-by-month in your Brain & Body Restoration Mastery Program.

Meagan R.
Meagan R.
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I have always believed that mental health and physical health/brain health are connected. However, it was not until joining Dr. V's program that I as able to see just how true this is! By finding the root cause of my symptoms, Dr. V and her team have been able to help me tremendously! I tried so many different doctors, specialists and treatments over the past 5 years and never found relief until joining her program.

In less than 12 months, my symptoms have reduced by more than 50%, I've been able to get off of sleep medication (the first time in 10 years), I've lost 20 pounds and I KNOW that I am on my way to continuing to improve my mental health and my chronic illness issues for good!

Through the 12-Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program, you’ll finally know how to understand your own “operations manual” and restore your body and mind back to vibrant health.

The interactive education and coaching you experience in this mastery course will allow you to become your own wildly successful case study, and it empowers you to become your own guarantee for health and vitality!

THIS is the NEW PARADIGM IN MEDICINE and we are excited to teach you how to take back control of your health!

This 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Mastery Program shows you how to prioritize and customize your healing roadmap based on information from your history, specialized in-depth assessment forms, symptom tracking sheets, and lab data tracking…

And how to identify and address the root cause of dis-ease in your body so that you can master the operational intricacies of your mind, body, and spirit.

You’ll discover not only how to heal yourself, but how to optimize your mind and body for high performance and slow the aging process.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our clients have to say about this incredibly powerful healing mastery program:

Avery B.
Avery B.
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Dr. V has been transformational for my husband and I! We were first introduced to her when my husband was dealing with a lot of tough side effects from Humira, a medication he was on to treat his autoimmune disorder. The first consult with Dr. V gave us hope for the first time in a long time that he could actually live a normal life. She did thorough testing and created a personalized protocol for my husband, beginning with cleaning up his diet. Within a few months, he was off the Humira completely, in 10x less pain, and was living a much more normal life. Soon after that, when I began to struggle with health issues, I went straight to Dr. V! She did testing for me as well (blood, genetics, etc.) and helped me find the root of my issues. I started a supplement protocol, changed my diet, and was feeling MUCH better within a few weeks. Dr. V truly changed our lives and continues to give us hope that health is possible through scientific-based approaches, testing on deeper levels than a primary care doctor will do, and caring personally for clients!

Olivia K.
Olivia K.
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When my health became a priority because I knew that I could feel and be better - sure didn't want to end up with Alzheimer's like my dad or diabetes/heart disease like my mom, I invested in time with webinars. I found MHH's Quick Start Brain Reset & gleaned as much information related to health (holistically) as I could. I wanted more so I signed up for the 12 Month Mastery Academy where I would be guided specifically through the detox process for a whole year. It has been an enlightening experience as I have examined lab results & supplements for my unique body. I'm becoming more confident in observing the effects of nutrition & supplements on my energy levels and overall health. I have struggled with high cholesterol for many years & now after 6 months on this program I dropped over 50 points & also lost 20 lbs almost efffortlessly. All other health measures have improved. Taking responsibility for my own health has empowered me with the guidance of Modern Holistic Health. WIth this motivation and support I will continue on this journey of health and wellness for the rest of my life.

Patricia M.
Patricia M.
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Can't thank Dr. V enough for all the help she has given me in my search for health and anti-aging as I move into my 70's. I am amazed at her dedication to helping people and with the most compassion I have ever experienced in an alternative health care provider or MD for that matter. I am so blessed by her tenacity to keep searching for the funcitonal cause of whatever is going on with me using the best testing available.

One thing that has improved for me is my memory and clarity of thinking. It's not perfect but much improved so much that I don't feel like I'm falling into a pit of dementia. Dr. V and her team take great care of me. When we first started working together my team of coaches used many labs including Genetic testing to find the functional cause of the problems I've been experiencing that helped me to directly address the underlying causes of my memory loss and other conditions I was struggling with. I love that Dr. V keeps on searching for better ways to help people heal. Thank you so much Dr. V and the MHH team! You are such a blessing to me!

Patricia M.

Michael F.
Michael F.
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Hello Dr. V:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the journey that I have been on for detoxification and wellness. I was working in an industry full of industrial toxins and very toxic people, three of my prior coworkers died in the last year, and one of them with cancer. After reaching out to you and learning about your program, I quit my six figure a year job of 25 years, with no regrets, so I can take your program seriously. I had been suffering from depression, anxiety, digestive problems, and major sleep problems. I am happy to say after eleven months in your program, most of those issues have gone away, and I feel better than ever. It was not always easy to stick to the regiment I was on with my food intake and level of supplements that I have been taking, but well worth it. Your support staff of Torrie, Ann, Rosita, Kimberly, and all others involved were exceptional to help get me through this most difficult process. This last year embedded a new life style change that will be with me for life.

Thank you and have a great day.
Michael F.


But we’re not stopping there.

In addition to your 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program, I am doing something we have never done before.

I am gifting you this program at the deepest savings that we’ve ever offered ….This program is usually $3197 but I am offering our proven program to you for only $2364. (that’s a savings of over $800).

AND to make it even easier for you, we are even offering you free in-house financing with a monthly payment plan of only $197 per month.

You may have anxiety, depression, and autoimmune disease, or you may even have multiple symptoms and conditions… without any answers from your doctor or understanding of why you keep getting worse instead of better.

You can even relate to having tried the “pill for an ill” approach only to realize five, ten, or 15 years later (and thousands of dollars later) that you are on more medications than you started with and have more symptoms and conditions than you did, to begin with.

And you feel angry and let down by the old and outdated medical system.

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you just want answers and solutions!

And until you enroll in our 12 Month Brain & Body Restoration Mastery Program, you won’t get ALL the answers (and solutions) you’re looking for.

Here’s the point… It’s going to take investing in YOURSELF and putting yourself FIRST. It means that you need to go in a different direction because the things you have tried have failed you… And now my team of expert coaches and I can show you how to find real answers and real solutions so you can finally heal!

Marcia W.
Marcia W.
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Imagine having a “cheat sheet” proven plan of action right at your fingertips to take you month by month, every step of the way, WITH added biweekly coaching classes and support…

With our 12 Month Brain & Body Restoration Masterclass Program…

You can finally get answers to why you haven’t been able to heal and live the life you deserve…

… AND you will finally learn the answers you’ve been seeking to stop the vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, and any other debilitating mental health conditions once and for all.

…No additional stress because now you can finally get answers and real solutions that work.

…No additional symptoms because now you know what is causing them and what you need to do to start feeling better.

…Just results. You can have the answers. You can have the solutions…

At last, after so many years of suffering, you can finally begin your healing journey and see results.

And just so you know — this 12 Month Brain & Body Restoration Mastery Program will do two very important things:

1. Teach you how to identify and remove any barriers to healing that are keeping you sick
2. Provide you with the resources, solutions, and answers you need to create your roadmap back to health

If you have suffered from mental and even physical illness for far too long, our 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Mastery Program could be life-changing for you, just like it has been life-changing (and life-saving) for so many others.

Christian M.
Christian M.
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Dr. V is great! She knows what she is doing and has helped me go from constant pain and very little hope of ever improving to feeling great and extremely hopeful that I will conintue to be. I am so thankful for everything she has done for me and would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to be healthy without prescriptions and constant doctors visits. Food is medicine is something she says a lot and it has been proven true in my life.

Susan L.
Susan L.
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I came to Modern Holistic Health in what I call my "11th hour". I have had health problems for most of my life. I've had only a few brief periods over the decades where I've felt good. A doctor once told me, "You didn't get sick overnight, you're probably not going to get better overnight." It has been and still is one of my life's missions to get to the root of my health problems. I am currently in Month 2 of the 12 Month Brain & Body Mastery program. As my first "win", I can honestly say that I noticed a significant decrease in abdominal swelling after just the 1st month. Rosita has been a God-send, offering a safe space to process deeply painful, traumatic experiences. With Dr. V and all of her amazing team, I feel that I've finally come to the right place to truly get to the bottom of my health problems. Their passion for health and a holistic lifestyle are undeniable. Their experience and level of expertise are top-notch, and they have thousands of patients whose results speak for themselves! The level of support has been exceptional. Equally important, they are good listeners, compassionate, and are HIGHLY encouraging. All of that, coupled with my determination and my belief in a Higher Power seeing me whole and well - I finally have hope that I can heal. And that is PRICELESS!


So for that reason, on this page, I want to make you a very special offer.

For taking action…

For committing yourself to a better state of health…

For finally stopping the seemingly endless cycle of mental and physical illness, passed from one relative to the next, to the next, and the next…

This 12 Month Brain & Body Restoration Mastery Program has always sold for $3,197 dollars, and I’m making it available to you for only $2,364 because you attended this special viewing event looking for answers and solutions.

PLUS you can pay with easy monthly payments of just $197 a month. (and you can cancel at any time).

AND your Exclusive BONUS worth $97 when you enroll Today.

Your exclusive bonus of a FREE downloadable copy of our 5 Part Series Inflammation Masterclass is my gift to you when you purchase your Brain & Body Mastery Program.

The many things you’re going to discover about your mental health with your downloadable FREE copy of our 5 Part Series Inflammation Masterclass include:

  • Taking a deep dive into the science and research of all the most common underlying causes of inflammation
  • A review of actual case studies from our clients around the world who have gone through the 12 Month Brain & Body Restoration Masterclass
  • And so much more…

Together, your Bonus downloadable FREE copy of our 5 Part Series Inflammation Masterclass and your 12-Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program will take you step-by-step through your healing journey, teaching and empowering you to heal your body and your mind.

You Will Finally Uncover and Address the Root Causes of Your Symptoms and Conditions so that you can get the same results as our clients around the world.

There ARE Answers and there ARE Solutions and We Teach YOU how to Take Back Control of YOUR Health.

However, This Offer Is Available ONLY On This Page…

Enrollment into your 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program includes:


Downloadable FREE copy of our 5 Part Series Inflammation Masterclass where you get easy to understand education and understanding on …

My turn-key program will give you actionable and proven steps to restore your body and brain back to health.

Your comprehensive 12-Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program ensures NOTHING is left out.

And normally this 12 Month Comprehensive Program sells for $3,197 BUT because we are on a mission to give EVERYONE the chance to get their health back, and because we want to help as many people as possible to take charge of their own health, I am providing you with a HUGE discount!

Since you invested in the time to search for answers from this special viewing event…

I am offering you enrollment in our 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Mastery Program for only $2,364 (that’s over $830 dollars OFF our regular price of $3197!)

PLUS to make it as easy as possible you can pay in monthly payments of just $197 per month.

And to make it even more comfortable for you, and because we know our program works, we will even allow you to cancel for any reason at any time so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a long term commitment (in case your financial situation changes and you need to stop).

Those who go through our entire process DO see typical results of getting better! But we understand that sometimes situations come up and we want you to know that we’ve got your back.

Lynda G.
Lynda G.
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While watching the masterclass sessions, I realized these techniques are ones that I know work. My reaction after watching the master class was and still is, thankfullness that this came into my life. I have over the years seen reports that back up what you all are teaching. I felt like I found a place to heal and rebuild. A place that finally understood. I tried traditional counseling for many years, but it did not help as I was hoping it would. Thank you for developing this approach to healing. I believe you all will help many heal and rebuild their lives.

So if you are ready to finally get started on getting real and measurable results, you can begin your healing journey right now by clicking the button below.
If you’re serious about putting your foot down and finally being the one that finds your own answers to learn what solutions really work so you can get your life and your health back, then this is a no-brainer.
This special discount is only available to you now, while on this page…

To make sure you don’t miss out on this limited-time offer, just click the big button below right now, and my team will be notified of your order and your account will be noted RIGHT AWAY… and you’ll be able to start working with my team within a week from today with your first onboarding call where you will get to meet one of your lead coaches, Haleigh!

You can get started taking action on your healing and health NOW, and you don’t have to wait any longer! You will be able to get started in your 12 Month Program as soon as NEXT WEEK if you take action on this offer today.

And my commitment to you…

So, knowing you’re completely covered, it’s time to take action and enroll now so you can get started as your own guarantee.

And look forward to a bright, beautiful life filled with energy, vitality, and the freedom to do all the things you’ve always wanted…

Instead of a life where you’re continuing to struggle with a legacy of trauma-related depression, anxiety, brain fog, and chronic illness.

Robyn B.
Robyn B.
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Dear Dr. V,
Thank goodness you do this work to help people thrive. I have struggled with anxiety, panic & depression since a teenager. I have tried many times to get help from doctors, psychologists, counselors & therapy groups since 1960's. Nothing relieved my problems. In 2018 I read a book called "The Autoimmune Solution" by Amy Myers MD. This put me on the path to healing. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2012 when I was 58 years old. Jonathan Otto was talking about Modern Holistic Health on his email 2020. This sounded like the help I needed.

I've been working with MHH since & it's helped me tremendously. I had lost 14kg in weight, I have more enery & I am able to exercise actively now. My doctor told me that my heart risk has gone from 85% down to 5%, my BP is normal now after always being high. I sleep well & my mind has become sharp with forgetfullness going away. I don't feel unwell now or worry about my health which is a huge change. I feel like I'm alive again & better than I can remember. The best part is that I'm learning to love myself & stand up for myself. Because I've been struggling for most of my life, I'm motivated to change, moving foward in a positive way using natural medicine. Healing is a journey using the Team at Modern Holistic Health's wonderful help.

Fantastic work,
Robyn B.


It’s hard being sick, and it’s expensive too… but you don’t have to be on that road anymore. If what we’ve been teaching you in this docu series makes sense and resonates with you in your heart and mind, you have a chance to change that.

As I said, it’s a no-brainer when you get to experience our healing program as our gift to you at a savings of over $830 dollars off plus easy monthly payments of only $197 a month.

Gale J.
Gale J.
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So grateful for Dr. V and the Modern Holistic Health team, after being plagued with health issues for decades. After seeing many traditional doctors and even holistic doctors I just wasn't getting answers to what was causing symptoms like anxiety, IBS, thyroid disease achy joints, food sensitivity's and many more making me sick. They we're treating my symptoms but not getting to the root cause. I had seen Dr. V on many health podcasts and after listening to her I just thought, I really think she could help me. Dr. V and the team they start with lab testing and know right away what their dealing with. I had answers fairly quickly. I'm halfway through the program. I'm definitely doing better, it took me decades to get here so I know it's going to take time to heal completely. I am so confident in the process and I'm learning so much from the weekly group classes. So hopeful for the Future! I can't thank you all enough.

Debbie L.
Debbie L.
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I decided to join Modern Holistic Health because of concerns regarding my long-term brain health. After several serious head injuries, I was left with symptoms of post-concussion, depression and anxiety. Once I develeoped a tremor and was told I had to wait and see if it was an indicator for something more serious, I knew I had to look for another way. I watched several of Dr. V's Mental Health, Leaky Gut and Gut Health masterclasses and summits as well as Tribe Talks and found them to be so positive and hopeful that I knew I had found my answer. Dr. V and her entire team at MHH are kind, caring and compassionate. They are incredibly knowledgeable and educated in their approach to healing and I have always felt confident that I was getting the best care. Not only are they treating my brain symptoms, but also my mold, glyphosate, hormonal and nutritional imbalances and past traumas. I would never have been able to heal without addressing all of these issues. I can never express how truly grateful I am to Dr. V and everyone at Modern Holistic Health. I finally feel like I am in control of my future health. Thank you!


For a limited time ONLY You can get the 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Program where you receive a FULL YEAR of training, education, coaching support, protocols, discounts on Dr V’s formulated supplements, member’s only discounts on labs, encouragement from your community of program members and your coaches…
PLUS your FREE downloadable copy of our 5 Part Series Inflammation Masterclass

That normally costs $3,197

And today I’m offering it to you for


With easy monthly payments of only $197 a month

Saving you over $830 (over 25% Off)!

Easily enroll in your 12 Month Brain/Body Restoration Online Program and get your FREE downloadable BONUS 5 Part Series Inflammation Masterclass by clicking the button below

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The discounted offer on the BRAIN/BODY RESTORATION ONLINE PROGRAM is an annual commitment at the sale price of $2,364 for the year (normally $3,197/year). We have a payment plan that allows people to break up the annual cost into monthly payments. The reason why we don’t allow cancellations at any time is that there is a large upfront cost for us to review your history, provide you with your assessments, create reports, provide our practitioner led mentoring and mastery sessions, and design your custom recommendations and protocols for you. This is all done in the first couple of months, and rather than making you pay these expenses up front, we finance them over the year.