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Get on the quickest, most affordable path to healing chronic symptoms, conditions, and diseases with the most advanced holistic approach available

Whether you’ve been suffering with the same symptoms for a few months or a few years, you already know how hard it is to get the answers you deserve at a price you can afford…

The 5-Part Beyond the Pill Masterclass Series Bundle is going to give you an amazing starting point for understanding and navigating your personal health journey — so if you are:

Tired of the relentless cycle of illness and suffering, feeling trapped by the same chronic symptoms that have been plaguing you for what feels like an eternity

Wanting guidance from a heart-centered, compassionate, and expert team of professionals who can show you your healing "roadblocks" and highlight solutions that you might have missed on your own

Ready to get to the bottom of persistent health concerns and start living a healthier, happier life sooner rather than later

… Then you might want extra support from me and my team
in the Mind-Body-Energy Healing Program.

The Mind-Body-Energy Healing Program is for people like you who are hungry to get back to LIVING and don’t want to wait any longer to feel better.

This program offers a faster, data-driven approach to peeling back the layers of trauma, fear, anxiety, and other root causes that have held you captive…

And it’s your ticket to breaking free from the cycle of pain and despair, rediscovering your self-worth, and reclaiming the vibrant health and passionate life you deserve.

Between this program and your Beyond the Pill Masterclass Series Bundle — you’ll be set to take on anything.

Here’s an end-to-end look at what the Mind-Body-Energy
Healing Program will give you RIGHT NOW

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How Does the Mind-Body-Energy Program Help You?

This program does what most traditional treatments and doctors can’t…

For a full year, you’ll receive monthly group mentoring, healing, and coaching sessions from me and my expert team of practitioners. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of your unique health concerns using bioenergetic scans, personalized advanced assessments, and a vast array of other optional tools and labs to reveal the root causes of your symptoms.

Alongside our group mentoring, coaching, and healing sessions, you’ll also have access to optional private sessions at exclusive discounts so you can gain shared wisdom and encouragement, and and get more personalized help when you need it while advancing your own healing journey.

During our time together, we will:

In other words, we’re finally going to pinpoint what’s holding you back from full, vibrant health…

Whether it’s emotional baggage, physical blockages, dietary issues, environmental factors, or how your body handles stress and trauma.

No guesswork. No hearing there’s “nothing else you can do.” No more never-ending cycle of sickness.

These Are the Kinds of Radical Transformations You
Can Expect from Our Proven Approach…

Finally found relief when other doctors couldn’t help

“I had some difficult problems that various doctors were unable to help with and found that Modern Holistic Health had put together the only truly comprehensive and systematic holistic program available.”

– William R., September 2022

Broke free from disease-causing beliefs, thoughts, and emotions

“I learned from Dr. V that my beliefs, thoughts, and emotions were one of the BIG root causes of chronic illness and the inability to heal!

I feel extremely blessed to work with such an amazing team of mentors and practitioners. I am soooo grateful to have you all in my life!

Dr. V truly delivers on all fronts: knowledge, compassion, support, and value. Thank you, Dr. V, for bringing Modern Holistic Health to the world!!”

– Susan L., September 2022
Uncomfortable symptoms went from “8 out of 10” to ZERO

“Thank you, Dr. V and the team of knowledgeable Health Coaches at Modern Holistic Health, for your mission and genuine dedication to offering a clear path to overcome barriers of healing and restoring good health.

My symptoms, which I had rated at an 8 (out of a 10), are now zero! I am experiencing measurable results and enjoying an overall sense of well-being both physically and mentally.”

– Lois, August 2022

When you join the Mind-Body-Energy Healing Program today, you’re getting the SAME
resources and support as these happy and thriving clients who shared their story with us…

Take a Look At Everything You Get Inside the Mind Body Healing Program

A Full Year of Personalized Assessments, Tests &
Custom Recommendations From Dr. Villanueva and the Modern Holistic Health Team


12 BioEnergetic Test Scans
(1 each month)

Detailed custom reports with
easy-to-understand recommendations


Quarterly Advanced
Environmental Trauma
Assessment Tests

Quarterly Advanced
Brain Assessment


Quarterly Advanced Brain and
Metabolic Assessment Tests

Plus… 1 Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Trauma Test


Custom infoceutical protocol recommendations each month based on your individual bioenergetic test scans

Custom healing meditations available based on your monthly BioEnergetic Scans
Simple custom dietary recommendations based on your BioEnergetic Test Scans
Custom lifestyle and exercise recommendations based on your BioEnergetic Scans

Member-only deep discounts on toxin labs, leaky gut labs, blood work, and all other labs and services we offer

PLUS… A Full Year of Supportive Group Coaching & Community

Monthly group healing & and mentoring sessions with your Mind | Body | Energy Healing Practitioners


Program chat with your healing community at your fingertips


Monthly interactive Breath Therapy Modules proven to support the healing centers of your body


Exclusive offers to attend Dr. V’s Inner Circle online Healing Mastery Masterminds

When you join us, you’re getting all of this for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at other holistic or medical clinics…

Considering all of the personal attention and group support you receive from me and my team for 12 consecutive months, you might be wondering how much all of this costs…

And, you might be surprised at how affordable this is when you consider the cost of other renowned holistic health experts, and how much you might be spending now on being sick…

If you are:

…Then I can guarantee you that the cost of this program is MORE affordable than what you’re doing now.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the Mind-Body-Energy Healing Program and other holistic or medical clinics:

The Mind-Body-Energy
Healing Program

Holistic or Medical Clinic

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Save $240 Per Month!


$4,548 $1,529
For A Full Year

Save $3,019 + Get One Month Free!

This Is What’s Possible When You Get to the Root
Cause of Your Chronic Health Concerns…

From “insane” gut issues and feeling downtrodden to feeling better than ever

“Dr. V helped me out so much! Honestly a lifesaver. I had insane gut issues (was barely absorbing any nutrients) and also had chronic UTIs due to a bladder issue I was born with.

When I came to her I was downtrodden with a gut full of antibiotics, no energy, and the idea that I’d never be able to get off of antibiotics. I didn’t have any hope I could get better, and within 6 months Dr. V got me fully out of an infection cycle, fully off antibiotics, and helped me strengthen my gut tenfold. My energy is back and I am feeling better than ever[…]”

– Katey S.
Released unhealthy patterns and finally feel healthy and open

“I love the program and certainly healed through it. From a place of spiraling fear and anxiety to a place of calm acceptance and a beautiful centering of my body and soul. Rosita’s healing sessions were a strong healing modality for me.

I was able to release patterns and ancestral beliefs that had plagued me. Indeed, I released these patterns for past and future generations.

I’ve been able to expand into an open-centeredness and explore deeper relationships with family and friends. Dr. V’s programs have truly been life-altering in a profound way. I’ve made big improvements to my body, my spirit, and soul. A deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Modern Holistic Health.”

– Kathy D.
Able to get off 3 medications
My doc was impressed with the level of labs when I met with him Monday – he said you’ve got something great going on and happily removed 3 meds from my chart that I no longer need!
– Melanie K.

When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Start Your Healing Journey With Dr. Villanueva’s Team Immediately

Here’s how it works…
STEP 1: Once you sign up, you will complete your health intake form and advanced assessment tests. Once your intake is submitted, we will send you a link with simple instructions to complete your first BioEnergetic Test Scan.
STEP 2: Your Mind-Body-Energy Practitioner will create your plan and recommendations based on your test results and email your report, recommendations, and protocols, along with your custom meditations, dietary, lifestyle, and exercise recommendations.
STEP 3: You will receive an email invitation to schedule your VIP member healing and mentoring sessions with your Mind-Body-Energy practitioners.
STEP 4: You will retest with your BioEnergetic Test Scans Monthly and Advanced Assessments quarterly and get ongoing monthly healing sessions and support with your practitioners, as well as monthly updates to protocols and recommendations to track your unique needs so you can always feel your best.

Your Special VIP Price Is Only Available On This Page — Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get When You Start Healing With Us Today

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Save $240 Per Month!


$4,548 $1,529
For A Full Year

Save $3,019 + Get One Month Free!

You Deserve Better Than a Lifelong Cycle of Illness, Exhaustion, Pain, and Suffering…

If you’ve tried everything else, even other holistic approaches, and you are still struggling with your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health… 

…You likely have sensitivities that other tests aren’t picking up on, or emotions and trauma stored in your body that are your deepest root causes. 

It’s not your fault, it’s not in your head, and you are certainly NOT broken… 

I have data-driven answers and proven solutions that work.

So if you’re ready to do things differently so you can get different results…

Now is your chance. 

Imagine this time next year, when you’re waking up to a life filled with vitality, calm, and balance. No more feeling shackled by relentless symptoms, no more trial-and-error approaches.

Instead, imagine looking into the mirror and seeing a bright, radiant reflection of health and happiness — because you’ve discovered the science behind your body’s own powerful healing capabilities…

Or having the energy and wellness to engage fully in the activities you love, to create joyful memories with loved ones, and to thrive in a life of passion and purpose — because you made the choice to take control of your health and healing journey…

Let’s make this your reality.

It all starts here, with the Mind-Body-Energy Healing Program.

Claim your special VIP price for Dr. Villanueva’s Mind-Body-Energy Healing Program before this event is over…



Save $240 Per Month!


$4,548 $1,529
For A Full Year

Save $3,019 + Get One Month Free!