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You deserve to know the truth about chronic disease so you can be your own best advocate…

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What if you could revisit your biggest “aha!” moments if you feel yourself slipping back into anxiety, depression, pain, and other chronic symptoms?

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This special masterclass series just started you on a journey that can heal not only your own life but also the lives of those around you.

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Research shows that the right lifestyle changes, reducing toxic exposure, and addressing underlying root causes can make a profound difference in your physical and mental health…

If you experience brain, body, or mental health struggles like diabetes, weight gain, chronic pain, ADD/ADHD, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain fog, irritability, Bipolar, Parkinson’s, anxiety, depression, and other symptoms that aren’t responding to medication or therapy…

Here are just a few eye-opening facts to consider…

Multiple studies have found a correlation between a diet high in refined sugars and impaired brain function — and even a worsening of symptoms of mood disorders, such as depression.

Harvard Medical School

More than 250,000 people in the U.S. die every year from medical errors, while other reports claim the numbers to be as high as 440,000.

Johns Hopkins Medicine

117 million individuals have one or more preventable chronic diseases, many of which are related to poor-quality eating patterns and physical inactivity.


More and more of this evidence is emerging…

And the takeaway is that almost ANYONE can prevent and even reverse chronic conditions with the right holistic approach.

Still, it’s hard to make big, sweeping lifestyle changes overnight.

The good news is that owning the entire series means you can take your time, rewind and revisit when you need to, and even share these life-changing teachings with family and friends who need support.

Thousands of people are using Dr. Villanueva’s cutting-edge protocols to heal their minds, bodies, and spirits

I have so much gratitude for Dr. V’s program. My self confidence & standing up for myself has grown. Exercise & muscle strengthening is a daily activity.

I have also learned that you can heal & optimize your health, whatever age, as long as you dedicate yourself to the processes that actually are effective for healing and vitality.

– Robyn B., February 2023

I want to give a shout out to Dr. V and her amazing team for the approach to healing and health they have created that is helping me when nothing else has. The way Dr. V curates her team of practitioners to collaborate together to help people address all the root causes of their symptoms and conditions by addressing our minds, beliefs, our unprocessed emotions (and trauma), our connection to our body, AND doing lab testing and even genetic testing…. and teaching us how to put it all together is simply amazing and it works!

– Deb Y., May 2023

I must give a shout out to MHH, Dr. V, and all the coaches and staff! You are all awesome and most importantly REALLY care that we get well, get to the root causes of our issues, and for some of us literally suffering years of illness finally get to feeling well again and taking control of our lives!

– Missy D., May 2023

Here’s Why We Recommend Owning This Series…

Although there is some amazing information out there on how to make holistic lifestyle changes to better support your health, it’s not often that you get to see real-life proof.

In this masterclass, Dr. Villanueava shares incredible case studies that help viewers like you understand the practical applications of the protocols she discusses, offering hope and demonstrating real-world effectiveness.

Finally, Get Answers to Questions Like…

“Why aren’t my symptoms responding to medication and therapy?”
“Does my age have anything to do with my symptoms?”
“Why do I still feel overwhelmed despite trying to reduce my stress?”
“What diet should I adopt to lessen my symptoms?”
“Where do I start and which lifestyle changes will make the biggest impact right away?”

“Can I still change my situation if chronic diseases run in my family?”

This is your opportunity to dig deeper than modern medicine, and finally release the shame, anger, frustration, and confusion that often come with chronic symptoms and diagnoses. You are not broken, and there IS hope!


RIGHT NOW $197 $97

You Save $130

Here’s everything you get inside the 5-Part Beyond the Pill Masterclass Series Bundle

Lifetime Access to All 5 Beyond the Pill Masterclass Series Episodes

Unraveling The Mystery Of Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Illness

  • Discover the silent killers that are lurking in your environment
  • Learn how modern industrialization has created a pandemic of chronic illnesses through heavy metal toxins, radioactive materials, and even the food we consume
  • Dig deep into why your doctors telling you or testing you for toxins
  • Uncover the secrets to overcoming and preventing chronic diseases
  • See proven, data-driven approaches that are helping thousands of people worldwide

Toxicity Overload: How Our Toxic World is Sabotaging Your Health

  • Learn how toxins in your body could be the root cause of your symptoms, conditions, and chronic illnesses.

  • Discover the shocking statistics about dangerously high levels of toxins in people across 18 modernized countries.

  • Understand how to identify what toxins are in your body and how to address them.

  • Learn about Dr. V’s proven strategies and action plans for overcoming illness and reclaiming your health.

  • Hear real-life stories of people who have used Dr. V’s comprehensive approaches to healing to recover from serious illnesses.

The Hidden Threats Within: Toxic Mold and Medications

  • Discover how prescription medications have been the third leading cause of death for over 20 years

  • Learn about the growing evidence that medications can actually make many diseases worse

  • Understand the shocking connection between toxic mold, your immune system, and your brain

  • Learn how toxic mold can wreak havoc on your gut, mental health, and sleep

  • Discover the connection between toxic mold and serious mental health conditions like Autism, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s

Beyond Your Genes: Surprising Epigenetic Triggers

  • Discover the shocking truth about your genes and how much control you really have over them!

  • Learn how to determine whether your genes are working for or against you.

  • Uncover shocking research that unveils the link between trauma, unprocessed emotions, and environmental factors with your disease predisposition.

  • Discover the secrets to preventing disease and unlocking your true healing potential

  • Journey through the cutting-edge field of bioenergetics and learn how to rewire your brain and body for optimal healing and vitality!

Taming the Flame: Proven Data-Driven Solutions You Can Start Today

  • Learn how chronic illness and autoimmune disease can be tamed with data-driven solutions that actually work (and have already worked for thousands of people!)
  • Discover the latest research-backed strategies to finally take back control of your health!

  • Learn the secrets to igniting your resilience and overcoming your suffering, so you can finally live the life of vitality you deserve.

  • Discover actionable steps you can take to regain your health and start living life on your own terms.

You’ll also receive…

2 Unaired Bonus Episodes

Get “closed-door” access to two special episodes that won’t be aired during the event, including:

Bonus Episode: Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Gut Microbiome: What This Means For chronic Disease & Mental Health

Bonus Episode: Defying Diabetes: Nancy’s Remarkable Journey from A1C 12.9 to 5.5

Searchable Text PDF Transcripts of the Entire Masterclass Series

With a fully searchable digital transcript, you can swiftly revisit key topics, quotes, and protocols that resonate with you. It’s the perfect tool for quick reminders and deeper reflections without having to rewatch or re-listen!

Audio Version of the Beyond the Pill Health Masterclass Series

Tune into the audio version of the Masterclass during your daily commute, while you work out, or even as you relax in the evening.

Absorb this life-changing knowledge in a way that fits seamlessly into your everyday life!

Self-Assessment & Evaluation Companion Integration Workbook

Consider this your practical guide through the Beyond the Pill Masterclass Series!

Complementing Dr. Villanueva’s teachings, this printable workbook includes self-assessment and evaluation tools.

Use this guide to enhance your understanding and engagement, and turn your Masterclass experience into a personalized, immersive healing journey.

Dr. Villanueva’s 29 Protocols for Common Conditions Guide

This invaluable resource offers precise, high-quality supplement recommendations to address a spectrum of common conditions, like sleep issues, cold and flu, upper respiratory infections, and protocols for common conditions like ear infections, UTI’s, food poisoning, and more.

Dr. V has provided direct links to all of the supplements you’ll need if you want to follow these protocols, making it easy to get the support you need without having to vet out supplement brands or piece together an overload of information!

Take control of your health and claim unlimited access to the 5-Part Beyond the Pill Masterclass Series now!

RIGHT NOW $197 $97

You Save $130!

This 5-Part Masterclass Series is for you if:

Are you ready to feel like YOU again?

The first step is becoming aware of what’s going on under the surface. Next, you get to arm yourself with the knowledge, strategies, and support to move through the hidden, tangled layers of toxins, trauma, and other root causes impacting your body, brain, and spirit.

By owning this exclusive masterclass, you’re embarking on a healing journey that can lead to deeper understanding, more self-compassion, newfound resilience, and the ability to release the grip of brain and mental health struggles on your life.

With the 5-Part Beyond the Pill Masterclass Series Bundle, you have an opportunity to uncover and revisit insights that could change your understanding of your health, the way you interact with the world, and ultimately — the course of your life.

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